Lawandra Smith

Bio: Lawandra M. Smith is the founder of Blossoming You. This organization is dedicated to helping individuals develop their leadership skills through self-reflection and self-discovery. She is also the Director of Certification and Leadership for Advanced Management with the Department of Family and Protective Services. Lawandra graduated from Prairie View A&M; with a degree in Communication. She obtained her master’s degree in Public Administration from Stephen F. Austin State University. Over half of Ms. Smith’s tenure was in leadership. She managed 50 plus employees. As a Leadership Trainer and Director serving an agency with over 7,000 employees, she designed and facilitated engaging workshops for the agency’s front-line supervisors, middle/upper management and executive leaders. Lawandra’s personal leadership philosophy is “Leadership Begins With Self.” This belief has helped guided her to engage leaders to focus on their personal behaviors while providing individual coaching to identify strengths and opportunities for their development. Leadership development is her personal passion. She enjoys providing organizations the tools and language to create a positive leadership culture. To reach Lawandra regarding the opportunities she can provide for your organization and team, please email her at [email protected].

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