Become a Trained Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge®

Coaching organizations and individuals towards effective leadership—that’s our mission. To make it happen, we work with leaders, coaches, and facilitators who share our vision. To set them up for success, we created The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training. Presented by our Certified Masters, this program—which we offer virtually or in-person—provides hands-on practice that allows you to conduct internal workshops and bring the value of The Leadership Challenge into your organization.

Leadership Insights

Pre-Requisite Qualifications

  • Full participation in The Leadership Challenge Workshop

Leadership Insights

What You Learn

  • In-depth knowledge of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
  • How to explain and interpret the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®
  • Experiential activities that bring The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to life
  • How to facilitate a powerful workshop experience within your organization
Leadership Insights

What You Take Away

  • The ability to craft individualized leadership development plans using LPI results
  • Guidelines, strategies, and ideas for tailoring The Leadership Challenge Workshop to meet the specific needs of different groups
  • The Leadership Challenge Facilitation Set, which includes a workshop script and hundreds of additional experiential activities to customize your program
  • A certificate of completion as a Trained Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge, which bolsters your credibility and expert status

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