Become a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®

As with an M.D. or a Ph.D. program, achieving the designation of Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge requires a deep commitment, in this case, to The Leadership Challenge brand and model. It demands the highest level of expertise in all applications of the model, including The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®.

A Certified Master receives their designation by, over time, demonstrating mastery in a wide range of leadership development experiences, including consulting, speaking, and content publishing. To become a Certified Master, an applicant demonstrates commitment and mastery to one or more of the following: workshop facilitation, LPI coaching competence, and the implementation of The Student Leadership Challenge programs. They must establish client credibility, a global mindset, and a collaborative, curious spirit that leads to the ongoing support of our community’s commitment to instilling exemplary leadership within everyone.

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Pre-Requisite Qualifications

  • Certification as a Certified Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge® 
  • Has met the areas of expertise pre-requisite
  • Has identified both primary and secondary mentors who are Certified Masters of The Leadership Challenge

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Why Become a Certified Master?

  • You want to further your knowledge and deepen your practice in all aspects of The Leadership Challenge 
  • You desire the opportunity to better coach and empower the leaders of today and tomorrow
  • You receive membership to a global community of experienced, esteemed, and like-minded leadership experts and a greater opportunity
    to further the mission of The Leadership Challenge brand and Community
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What You Do as a Certified Master

  • Spend time mentoring candidates who aspire to become Certified Facilitators and Certified Masters-in-Training
  • Foster relationships that advance the work of The Leadership Challenge and The Leadership Challenge Community
  • Live the philosophy that the best leaders are the best learners. You constantly look for ways to grow and improve as a leader
  • Show The Leadership Challenge is the cornerstone of your work through regular workshop facilitation and LPI coaching, acting as a mentor, publishing content through the brand, attending The Leadership Challenge’s yearly event, participating in product beta tests, contributing to Wiley promotional events, and by running a Masters Give Back program

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