There’s a Whole Community Behind The Leadership Challenge®

Experience, knowledge, expertise, encouragement, and support—our Community offers it all.

What Is The Leadership Challenge® Community?

The Leadership Challenge® Community consists of a global group of individuals committed to awakening the leadership potential inside individuals, organizations, and students. Together, the authors of The Leadership Challenge, Wiley staff, Certified Masters, Certified-Masters-in-Training, Global Training Partners, and Translation Partners make up The Leadership Challenge Community along with those who aspire to join us.

What Is a Certified Master?

Our Certified Masters take The Leadership Challenge model from a set of principles and transform them into a living reality. Certified Masters provide expertise and support for organizations and individuals seeking assistance in bringing The Leadership Challenge to life. These individuals carry with them years of experience using The Leadership Challenge model. They know it inside and out. And they have the knowledge and skills to tailor this solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. If you’re looking for a customized leadership development program, talk to one of our Certified Masters.


For those who accept it, The Leadership Challenge is a journey. Imagine Certified Masters as the guides.


Click here to view our active Certified Masters.

What Is a Global Training Partner?

Through their knowledge and experience in utilizing our solutions, Global Training Partners put The Leadership Challenge into action. Working together with Certified Masters, Global Training Partners host public programs to teach skills that unlock the inner leader, one individual and organization at a time. If you see the Global Training Partner logo, let it be a sign that you can trust the expertise of the individual behind it.

You will find Global Training Partners listed as hosts in our Events calendar and as organizations in our Certified Master Directory.

What Is a Translation Partner?

A group of carefully vetted organizations works with The Leadership Challenge to produce print translations of select product offerings. Currently, we work with PHEI (Simplified Chinese), Japanese Management Association (Japanese), and PSI Consulting (Korean). We manage all digital translations in-house and offer select offline, unprinted translations upon request.

Community Resources

As a member of The Leadership Challenge Community, you gain access to exclusive resources that help you bring out the leadership potential in each of your organization’s members. Everyone is born a leader. The Leadership Challenge Community simply offers the tools to activate that inherent potential.

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