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As the world of work continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever that your leaders have the skills they need to tackle the latest challenge and bring out the best in their people. When they gain insight into their own leadership behaviors in relation to what leaders do when they are operating at their personal best, their growth will elevate your entire organization.

The LPI 360® provides a powerful combination of insight and confidence to elevate the leaders within your organization.

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What is The LPI® 360?

Used to measure The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, the acclaimed leadership development model created by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, the LPI® 360 is an observer-based assessment that enables leaders to assess their leadership competencies and act on their discoveries. This powerful assessment and detailed report will help leaders take the first step toward achieving the extraordinary and reaching their personal leadership best.

Measures Behaviors

Because leadership is about what you do, not who you are, the LPI 360 measures the frequency a leader engages in each of the 30 behaviors that make up The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® proven to access leadership effectiveness.


360 Insights

The LPI 360 is particularly impactful because it is powered by anonymous 360-degree observer feedback. Those who engage with the leader most frequently, and the leader themselves, complete a brief assessment to measure the frequency with which they engage in each leadership behavior in order to gain a complete picture of their leadership.


Backed by Research

The LPI 360 has been rigorously reviewed and backed by 35+ years of academic research to ensure its validity and reliability. To date, it has been trusted by over five million leaders worldwide and it has become the gold standard for leadership development.


Bring the Insights From the LPI® 360 to Life With One of Our Powerful Learning Experiences

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Comprehensive Leadership Immersion

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

Leaders will dive into learning about The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in this highly interactive two-day training experience. Armed with the insights from the LPI 360, the workshop is designed to inspire, engage and help any leader develop the skills needed to meet whatever leadership challenges that lay ahead. Participants return to the workplace with an action plan in-hand, prepared to implement their new skills on the job
— beginning Day 1.

Continue the Leadership Journey

The Challenge Continues® Workshop

Designed to address the “what’s next” question for leaders who have attended The Leadership Challenge Workshop, leaders will see how they have improved in leadership areas over the previous 9-18 months based on the results of the LPI 360. Leaders are able to examine the factors that may be contributing to or hindering their development in this facilitated session.

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Coach the Leader Within

The Leadership Practices Inventory® Debrief

Coach your leaders one-on-one in this powerful experience which includes an easily customizable toolkit for interpreting LPI results and delivering meaningful feedback. Help leaders understand the unique insights revealed from their assessment to create custom development plans to unlock their leadership potential.

Facilitation Set

Bring The Leadership Challenge to Your Organization

The Leadership Challenge® Facilitation Set contains the entire suite of fully-developed workshop tools for The Leadership Challenge Workshop, The Challenge Continues, and LPI® Leadership Practices Inventory® Debrief.

This comprehensive talent development package provides organizations of any size with the high-impact, ready-to-implement solutions needed to build a common language of leadership and unleash the full potential in every leader.

The Facilitation Set Includes

  • Over 40 hours of time-segmented, fully scripted workshop facilitation guides for virtual and in-person classrooms.
  • 100+ experiential activities provide trainers and coaches with unlimited possibilities for customization.
  • Engaging videos that showcase real-world situations to bring the concepts to life. Learn more about Facilitation Videos.
  • Unlocked PowerPoint slides for easy customization.
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Empower Your Leaders with Meaningful Takeaways That Make a Lasting Impact

  • measuresA comprehensive understanding of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® with insights that can be applied to their work immediately.
  • measuresAn understanding of their leadership competencies and areas to grow as a leader as observed by others.
  • measuresPersonalized action plans to grow as a leader.

The Boys and Girls Club’s Inspiring Leadership Journey

See how The Boys and Girls Club of America embraced The Leadership Challenge to not only transform their leaders, but their entire culture.

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