Debbie Nicol

Bio: [ Debbie is a body of curiosity and vitality ].[ To evolve those qualities, her life has been a pathway of consistent learning, development and personal challenge, commencing her career as a teacher in her native Australia. With change in her blood, it was time to stretch and grow further into global corporate development and finally into the land of entrepreneurship: ‘business en motion’ was borne, serving across Arab and Australasian worlds. It builds organizational frameworks, systems, cultures and leader capability through business consultancy (solutions), coaching and learning services. Current successes are evident with shipping, logistics, retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, education, government, piping and technical supplies customers ]. [ Central to her evolution has been The Leadership Challenge leadership methodology. Moving through the learning pathways to Certified Master Facilitator and Certified LPI Coach, Debbie lives and breathes the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership and its associated 30 behaviors. She specializes in designing customized development solutions for organizations and individuals while combining training and coaching services in progressive, business-orientated packages. These prioritize measurable change along with leadership connection. She believes in ‘try-before-you-buy’ and regularly shuttles between Australasia and the Middle East (both virtually and in person) to spread the word of The Leadership Challenge, with public speaking engagements, in-house implementations as well as facilitating open workshops ].[ An individual with high energy, strong focus and a dedication to personal and professional transformation, Debbie invites all to connect with her strong spirit and energy ].