Dr. Hesham Ezzat

Bio: Hesham is a highly experienced professional who has dedicated over two decades to refine his expertise, encompassing both academia and the corporate sector. His role as a respected Leadership Lecturer at the prestigious post-graduate School of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology reflects his steadfast commitment to providing cutting-edge leadership development solutions to his clients. Hesham's unswerving dedication to enhancing team performance has driven him to specialize in executive coaching, leadership development. His exceptional contributions in these areas have earned him recognition as a distinguished authority in the Middle East region.Furthermore, Hesham's unwavering commitment to continuous development is evident through his accreditation from renowned global institutions such as The Leadership Challenge®, ICF (International Coach Federation), ATD (Association for Talent Development), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), Cialdini Institute, John Maxwell Team, Jack Welch Management Institute, and others...Hesham holds the prestigious credential as a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®, a distinction held by just two Arabic speakers in the Middle East. His impeccable track record of success in delivering The Leadership Challenge® is substantiated by the outstanding feedback received from leaders who have participated in his workshops.Hesham is also visionary Founder of Le Mentor Academy, widely acknowledged as a guiding lighthouse for Middle East leaders. With a presence in both Egypt and UAE, Le Mentor Academy stands as a prominent institution catering to leaders in search of effective solutions to enhance their leadership skills and drive tangible results in their businesses. Importantly, Le Mentor Academy proudly holds the prestigious partnership "Global Partner of Wiley for the Leadership Challenge®," reaffirming its unwavering commitment to providing top-tier leadership development solutions.

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