Dr. Rachel Monteverdi

Bio: Recommendation from another CM: Rachel’s intellectual curiosity, perseverance, & growth mindset are her defining characteristics. She relentlessly challenges herself to be better; as a role model, she sets high expectations for her workshop participants and challenges them to use their “investing in me time” to step up & commit to their leadership challenges! Her workshops close with participant accountability teach backs of what they learned (values, vision, leadership philosophy, lessons learned, ...) & what leadership development plan commitments they made. She demands a lot and gets amazing results, engagement, and commitment. I have seen her do multiple committing exercises and she is really onto something here—a mission to make “learning stick” by setting very high expectations, and by broadcasting Jigawatts (think Doc Brown) of encouragement & support to her cohorts. People love interacting with her and put in the effort to exceed her expectations! She is an expert coach, asks insightful, purposeful questions at just the right time, & leads others to form their own opinions and epiphanies. About: Rachel has been working with professionals across the globe for more than 20 years. She has served as the Chair or President of numerous boards and is recognized as a leader. Rachel left corporate America to serve as Field Faculty focused on providing leadership, change management and other core skills for leaders within the government, industries, businesses, manufacturing, higher ed & the community. Prior to launching her own company, she was the head of a training division for Duke University. At NCSU, she oversaw evidence-based programs for a region and held various consulting roles. In addition to facilitating The Leadership Challenge, Rachel’s passion is to coach exemplary leaders to develop high performing teams while shifting cultures & driving growth. Rachel holds a PhD, 25 Certifications & is a National Award Winner in Facilitation

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