Dr. Peter Cheng

Bio: Peter is the Co-Founder and Leading OD Doctor at PACE OD Consulting based in Singapore. He is the driving force behind PACE research and development initiatives since 1998. Peter helps senior leaders diagnose the real issues that hinder their goal achievements and passionately designs and delivers result-oriented interventions that advance his clients toward achieving their desired goals through his life-impacting workshops, executive coaching and consulting services. As a certified master and thought leader in the OD domain, he helps people throughout Asia, the U.S. and Europe think together to achieve personal and unprecedented breakthroughs. His doctoral research thesis on Feedback and Attitudes Towards Behavioural Change was presented at The Leadership Challenge Forum 2015 in San Francisco. He authored and co-authored books that include: The Language of Organisation Development (2013), Real Leaders (2013), Real Service (2014) and 8 Essentials Of Real Leadership (2018). Before Co Founding PACE, Peter accumulated 15 years of working experience in Sales, Marketing and General Management in the Healthcare, Sports, FMCG and Fashion industries. Peter holds a degree in Business Administration, Masters in HRD from George Washington University and a Ph.D. in Education from Monash University. He is the proud dad of three talented grown-up children and a grandpa of four awesome grandchildren. He plays the drums, guitar, bass and sings too. Peter finds fishing therapeutic and relaxing, to keep sane in this fast-paced world.

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