Rebecca J Woodard

Bio: Rebecca is Global Head of Learning & Performance at embecta. Her galvanizing approach to leadership and deep-rooted passion for facilitating comprehensive performance development programs have empowered Rebecca to foster transformational outcomes for participants of her respective programs. For over 30 years, Rebecca has enriched strategic thinking and evolved the capabilities of personnel at large organizations such as KPMG, UPS, BD. Additionally, she has enabled positive change at smaller structured organizations, a founder/owner of a small startup business, and excelled in startup environments such as working for embecta! Her people-centric approach has bolstered Rebecca's effectiveness as Master Facilitator of Leadership Workshops across a range of subject matter including conflict resolution, communications, team leadership, emotional intelligence and coaching for leaders. Rebecca holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education / Learning Technologies and a plethora of specialized certifications that have proven instrumental to her capabilities of fostering structured learning programs that can be adapted to specific audiences and learning styles. Favorite Leadership Quote: "Leadership is not an affair of the head. Leadership is an affair of the heart. -Kouzes & Posner Leadership Philosophy: I believe that curiosity, compassion, and courage creates growth. I believe that each leader is capable, creative, resourceful and full of potential. Together, we experience a journey to be authentic, to grow and reveal each others’ beliefs, strengths, aspirations, skills, abilities and knowledge with integrity. Core Values: Mindfulness Integrity Creativity Kindness Growth

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