Karen Atwell

Bio: Karen is fueled by curiosity and the desire to inspire greater degrees of humanness within organizational structures through Love, Empathy, Grace, Truth & Flow. As CEO of Dynamic Perspectives, she uses her acumen and thinking agility to make connections across 40 years of sales, management, consulting and coaching experience to inspire creative solutions for her clients. Karen's passion for helping leaders explore how to embody the mindset and behaviors of leadership is core to her work. Karen has extensive experience helping leaders in transition identify the shifts necessary to move forward. When working with teams and leaders, she focuses on self-understanding, vision clarity and communication, leading through change and innovation, whole-hearted empowerment of others, and celebrating cultural alignment. Karen has a passion for developing and delivering custom solutions for executive teams, leaders, and sales teams. She is Founder and Executive Strategist of Dynamic Perspectives, a boutique consulting firm focused on organizational culture clarity and behavioral alignment. Karen is also a faculty member at American University of Beirut teaching leadership development within the EMBA program. Previously Karen was VP Leadership Development with First Command Financial Services, Executive Director and Master Coach with UBS Global Wealth Management and has held various sales, management and senior leadership positions with Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and The Thompson Corporation. Karen holds an MA in Organizational Communications, is an Certified Professional Coach. She is Master Certified in The Leadership Challenge© and grounds her work in its principles. Her consulting client list includes BD, Ohio University, Vyne Dental, Centerstone, YAI, and Tarleton University. Karen lives in Columbus, OH and St. Augustine, FL. She is a long-time Rotarian and has a long history of community involvement around the education, development, and health of young people.

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