Leading Healthcare into the 21st Century

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TITLE Leading Healthcare into the 21st Century
RESEARCHER(S) Eileen O’Toole
College of Nursing
Waynesburg University
Unpublished Capstone Project: April 2010

The purpose of this study was to measure change in behavior in the workplace as a result of attending a hospital leadership program.

Participants for the study were those who had gone through a four-day (32 hour) leadership course. They completed the Leadership Practices Inventory at the start of the program, and again between three months to one year after attending the program. There were eight cohorts of participants (between April and November 2009), for a total sample population of 100, and the effective response rate was 57 percent. Thirty participants were also interviewed.

"There was a statistically significant improvement on scoring from the pre-test to the post-test which prove that the leadership program was successful in changing behavior at the workplace" (p. 43).