Leadership Styles of Planning Professionals

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TITLE: Leadership Styles of Planning Professionals
RESEARCHER: Laura S. Burden
Urban and Community Planning
University of Maryland
Unpublished Master’s Thesis: April 2001

The purpose of this study was to identify the leadership profile that Urban and Community Planners in the American Institute of Certified Planners, College of Fellows exhibit.

The population consisted of a random sample of 125 members of the FAICP, from within five election categories, of which 65 were returned and usable (52% return rate). Participants completed the LPI-Self, answered questions on their actions and behaviors in a variety of leadership situations, and provided demographic information.

Enabling was the most frequently reported leadership practices, followed by Modeling, Encouraging, Challenging, and Inspiring. In comparison to the normative database these respondents evenly utilize all five leadership practices to a “moderately higher degree than average. This findings suggests that as a whole the planners in the FAICP have strong and balanced leadership abilities.”