Leadership Practices Among Northeast Tennessee Industry Leaders

Business    Managers/Executives/Administrators

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TITLE: Leadership Practices Among Northeast Tennessee Industry
RESEARCHER: Donna L. Greenlee
Graduate School of Education
Tusculum College (Tennessee)
Masters Thesis: May 2002

The purpose of this study was to examine how east Tennessee leaders were similar or different from leaders in other geographical locations.

The population consisted of 113 leaders of industry within a northeast Tennessee county. Asked to complete the Leadership Practices Inventory (Self), usable surveys were returned by 40 respondents (35% response rate). The size of the organizations represented by these respondents varied from as few as one or two to as many as several thousand. No demographic information was collected.

Enabling was the leadership practice reported as most often engaged in, followed closely by Modeling, and then Challenging and Encouraging as a next set, and Inspiring in a third set (least frequently engaged). This rank order is fairly consistent with data from the normative sample.