The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Mentoring in Leadership Skills Development

Healthcare    Managers/Executives/Administrators

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TITLE The Impact of Nurse to Nurse Mentoring in Leadership Skills Development
RESEARCHER Linda Macera-DiClemente and Connie M. Smith
School of Nursing
Jacksonville University (FL)
Unpublished doctoral project: June 2018

The purpose of the project was to create, design, implement, and evaluate a nurse-to-nurse mentoring program (RNmentor2mentor) for nurses in the state of Michigan aimed at increasing the number of nurses serving on boards.

The nurse-to-nurse mentoring pilot project, RNmentor2mentor, was launched at the MHC/MCN (Michigan Health Council/Michigan Center for Nursing) annual conference in October 2017, and included a convenience sample of 40 conference participants, of which six mentors and six mentees comprised the sample population. They completed the Leadership Practices Inventory as a pre and post-test assessment, along with several other author created instruments. The participants were all women, ranging in age from 40-69 years, predominately white, with at least a master’s degree, and 54 percent currently served on a board.

Pre and post-program assessments revealed no significant differences on any of the five leadership practices. The mentor and mentee paired responses revealed a significant difference in Inspire but not on the other four leadership practices. One hundred percent of the participants indicated they would recommend the program to others.