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Grounded in the evidence-based Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®), The Leadership Challenge® learning experiences guide individuals through their leadership journey. Whether you are seeking a solution that will help everyone, at every level, gain leadership skills that elevate your entire organization or want a more focused approach that helps take your leaders to the next level, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Which Solution Is Right for You?


LPI 360®

Take Your Leaders to the Next Level

Arm your leaders with the evidence-based model for effective leadership and actionable insights to tackle any leadership challenge.

Self Empowered

Self Empowered™

Unlock the Power of Leadership at Every Level

Help your organization create a culture of empowerment that inspires everyone to make an impact no matter their role.

Student LPI

The Student Leadership Challenge®

Empower Students, the Leaders of Tomorrow

Guides and develops students by teaching them The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® in order to start them on their path towards exemplary leadership.

Meet The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®

Developed by The Leadership Challenge authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and backed by over 35 years of research, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® represent essential aspects of leadership and is the evidence-based gold standard framework for leadership development.

  • The Leadership Challenge
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • The Leadership Challenge

“Exemplary leadership makes a significant difference in people’s level of well-being, commitment, motivation, their work performance, and the success of their organizations.”

James Kouzes and Barry Posner,

Authors of The Leadership Challenge

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