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Your organization increases productivity, engagement, and retention when each member realizes their leadership potential. That’s where we can help.


Our solution provides insight and confidence that leaders at every level of your organization need to achieve their full potential and drive organizational results.


This is where it begins.

The Learning Experience

The complete experience of The Leadership Challenge® includes the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory®, The Leadership Challenge book, and the facilitation experience (whether virtual or in-person) working together. The book fosters an understanding of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® that allows the LPI and the facilitation experience to create an even more profound impact.

  • The Book

    The Book

    The Leadership Challenge demonstrates how organizations across the world use The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to create cultures where leadership thrives at all levels.

  • The Report

    The LPI® Assessment

    The LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory measures how frequently each individual exercises The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. It outlines where they excel and where they have opportunities to improve as leaders.

  • The Classroom

    The Facilitation

    The Leadership Challenge Workshop—which can take place virtually or in-person—amplifies the benefits of the LPI by giving an organization’s members space to practice and explore the assessment’s insights even further with the support of specialized facilitators.

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