The Effect Of Teacher Leader Certification Academy on Teacher Leaders: Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

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TITLE The Effect Of Teacher Leader Certification Academy on Teacher Leaders: Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
School of Education
Azusa Pacific University (California)
Unpublished doctoral dissertation: December 2015

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of specifically designed, highly effective professional development and teacher leader leadership behaviors.

The sample consisted of 74 teacher leaders selected from grades K-12 from Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties in California. All participants completed a pre and post-assessment of The Leadership Practices Inventory and participated in The Teacher Leader Certification Academy. Of the population sampled, there were 31 elementary school teachers, 17 middle school teachers, 10 high school teachers, 15 district office members, and one adult education teacher. There were seven males and 67 females, of which eight had a BS/BA degree and 66 held master’s degrees.

Significant positive differences were found between pre- and post-LPI scores on all five leadership practices for the teacher leaders who participated in the academy. None of these differences were significantly impacted by years of teaching experience, teacher leadership experience, age, educational level, and context for teaching. These increases ranged from 20+ percent for Inspire to nine percent for Enable.

“A significant increase was found in all Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership after the completion of The Teacher Leader Certification Program. Three practices had a higher increase in the mean difference; (model the way; 15.3%), (inspire a shared vision; 20.4%), and (challenge the process; 14.2%). Although the last two practices showed an increase, it was less: (enable others to act; 8.9%), and practice 5 (encourage the heart; 11.2%)” (p.111).

The author notes:
Transformational leadership practices affect teacher leader behaviors and how they influence their world, both at the site and district levels…. teacher leaders need to be provided research-based professional development in the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. When teacher leaders are properly trained in the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, it is clear teacher leaders will challenge the process, take risks, and feel empowered and validated to assume responsibility (p. 122).