Teachers' Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness Based on Gender

Secondary Education    Teachers

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TITLE: Teachers’ Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness Based on Gender
RESEARCHER: Gloria O. Alagbada-Ekekhomen
School of Education
Capella University
Unpublished doctoral dissertation: July 2013

The purpose of this study was to determine teachers’ perceptions of effective leadership based on gender.

A convenience sample of 35 male and 57 female teachers completed an online survey (92% response rate). Across all respondents, 62 percent of teachers had 10 or fewer years of teaching experience, 33.7 percent were between the ages of 31–40 years of age. Respondents completed the Leadership Practices Inventory.

The analyses indicated there were no significant differences between gender, age, and teaching experience on the overall MANOVA models containing five leadership practices. The author concludes: “This study may serve to demonstrate that men and women are more alike than previously speculated. This may serve as a wake-up call to the educational community that more similarities than differences exist between leadership effectiveness of men and women than previously believed. The stereotypical expectations ascribed to both genders in relation to leadership would be eliminated” (p. 85).