The Leadership Challenge Style Guide


As a partner in good standing, you are hereby granted a limited royalty-free nonexclusive license to use the logos, icons, and trademarked phrases related to The Leadership Challenge® brand (the “Protected Materials”) in your marketing brochures, marketing fliers, and marketing web pages, provided our brand guidelines are followed, and you provide samples to us of the brochures, fliers, or web pages for approval before printing or posting them.

To use the Protected Materials on other marketing collateral (including, but not limited to, bookmarks, pens, pins, posters, mugs, and so on), you will need our written permission in advance and we may charge a fee.

If you wish to use the Protected Materials in a product used directly in client work (including but not limited to a poster, worksheet, or web module), you will need our written permission in advance, and we will charge a fee.

Wiley will either own or have the right to use all final products permitted under this paragraph (depending on how much of your own material is integrated with the Protected Materials).

For any questions related to branding guidelines and/or to provide samples for approval please contact Jessica Porterfield at

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