Tips for Leaders: December 2015

Tips for Leaders: December 2015

Build consensus around a common set of values for running your organization

For people to understand and come to agree with values, they must participate in the process. Indeed, a common set of values is forged, not forced. It is built through process, not pronouncements. And everything a leader does impacts his or her ability to rally the organization around a common set of values. So, take action to Model the Way by using the personal, authentic delivery of a podcast to demonstrate commitment to shared values:  
Ask a team member or constituent to recount how a shared value was recently demonstrated and publish the audio podcast. For example, a two-to-three minute “going the extra mile for a customer” story might be highly effective. 

Adapted from The Leadership Challenge Practice Book, James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner (with Mark Morrow) © 2010, published by Pfeiffer/An imprint of Wiley. All rights reserved.  

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