Leadership Practices Inventory - Sample Report

In-Depth Reports: What You Will Learn from the LPI

After the assessment comes understanding—and action. LPI delivers in-depth reports that enables your organization to gain insight into entire groups of leaders via the Group Summary report, or compare results over multiple assessments to gauge development.

All reports are easily customizable: add your company logo, determine page order, print selected sections. The LPI can be mapped to any mission or vision statement and has been shown to adapt to any organization's leadership development program. The reports may be used on their own for individual coaching or within a workshop setting.

For more information on Student LPI 360 and Student LPI Self (assessments for high school or undergraduate college students) visit studentleadershipchallenge.com.

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Use the LPI in your Research:

Nearly 500 academic studies and master's thesis have been conducted using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) as a research tool. If you would like to join your worldwide colleagues in expanding our understanding of leadership effectiveness through research, review and submit our LPI Research Form. Learn More

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