Become a Leadership Challenge Workshop Certified Master

The Leadership Challenge® Certified Master Program

When you are ready to further your knowledge and practice of all aspects of The Leadership Challenge®, we invite you to explore our Certified Master Program and consider becoming part of our robust community of passionate, like-minded leadership development professionals. Once accepted into the program, you will begin a rigorous and time-intensive learning journey to achieve the highest level of mastery in understanding, integrating, and applying The Leadership Challenge®.
Like in other fields of advanced study—M.D., Ph.D., or J.D.—achieving the designation of Certified Master requires a deep commitment to The Leadership Challenge® and a demonstration of the highest level of expertise in all of its applications: The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model and the LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory. In addition to fulfilling established program requirements for certification, you also will work with other members of the Certified Master community and our Global Training Partners to design a customized plan of development and study to include an area of specialization of your choice—one that aligns with your own professional and personal goals.

The Certified Master status is granted to those who, over time, demonstrate mastery in a wide range of organization development experiences, including consulting, speaking, and publishing. Commitment and mastery must also be evidenced through high-level delivery and facilitation of workshops, LPI coaching competence, implementation of The Student Leadership Challenge, established client credibility, a global mindset, and a collaborative, curious spirit that leads to ongoing support of our community’s commitment to liberate the leader in everyone.

The first step in the process is to ensure you’ve met the pre-requisites for the Certified-Master-in-Training Program and select an existing Certified Master with minimum 3 years’ experience as your mentor. At this point, your mentor is invited to contact Certified Master Program Coordinator Mandy Johnson and Wiley will provide the mentor with initial application paperwork.

For a complete details on the program, including requirements for entry, what to expect as a Certified-Master-in-Training, and the ongoing commitment once you’ve attained your Certified Master status, you are highly encouraged to read our Certified-Master-in-Training Program Description, Certified Master Program Description, and Certified Master Ongoing Commitment Description.

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