Become a Leadership Challenge Workshop Certified Facilitator

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Certified Facilitator Training

You are well-established in your field, having achieved respect and credibility among your peers and aspiring leaders alike. You’ve been successful and deeply rewarded co-facilitating The Leadership Challenge® Workshop as a Qualified Trainer. Passionate as you are about your own personal growth, you’re ready to take the next step with The Leadership Challenge® to enhance your effectives in bringing out the best in those you nurture and support. Our Certified Facilitator Training program offers a unique opportunity to do just that and to take your professional practice to a deeper level as a Certified Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.

Successful completion of The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training Workshop and experience providing quality services as a Qualified Trainer of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop are pre-requisites for participation in our authorized Certified Facilitator Training.
The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training program is an extensive, one-to-two year educational experience that builds mastery in both content knowledge—of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model—and workshop facilitation and delivery skills. As a qualified applicant accepted into this Level II certification program, you will work in partnership with our authorized Global Training Partners, Certified Masters, and other members of The Leadership Challenge® community to deepen your understanding and fully integrate all components of The Five Practices framework, including LPI feedback, analysis, and coaching.

What you will learn:

  • How to draw from your own experience to personalize and make the course content more compelling and engaging for workshop participants
  • The intricacies and deep research behind The Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders® model so that you can effectively communicate its application and relevance to the roles participants play in their organizations and the challenges they face
  • A deeper understanding of the workshop objectives, design, concepts, and learning methodology
  • How to use visual aids effectively to support various learning styles of participants
  • How to effectively coach leaders in assessing their LPI feedback and in making plans for future learning and development
  • How to Model the Way as a champion of The Leadership Challenge, both with workshop participants and in the greater community of leadership development professionals

What you will take away:

  • A deeper understanding and integration of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
  • Increased competence as an engaging program facilitator
  • Enhanced coaching skills in working with leaders to analyze, interpret, and make the most of their Leadership Practices Inventory feedback
  • Professional skills to help advance your consulting and coaching practice, and increase the effectiveness of your work developing, nurturing, and empowering others to reach for their personal leadership best
  • other
  • Certified Facilitator Certification, which authorizes you to conduct The Leadership Challenge® Workshop
  • Eligibility to apply to become a Leadership Challenge® Certified Master


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