Five Practice Icons Usage Guidelines

Five Practice Icons Usage Guidelines

This page provides information about our icons files, color palette, and their intended use. Remember to properly cite The Leadership Challenge and The Five Practices on your website and/or marketing materials with this credit line:

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The associated icons are copyright ©2011 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

When using registered trademarks throughout a document, these credit lines only need to be listed once.

Files For The Web


These files are for online use and intended for web design or web development professionals.

Files For Microsoft Office

For Microsoft Office

These files are for use within Microsoft Word or Powerpoint documents. They should both appear and print with a transparent background. Note: These files may be reduced from original size with no loss in quality. Increasing the dimension from it’s original size will result in a loss of quality.

Files For Professional Printing

Without professional design software (e.g., Adobe® Illustrator®) you may not be able to open and view these files accurately. However, you will be able to insert, import or place these files within desktop publishing documents for digital or offset printing. EPS files are the preferred file format of printing professionals as they retain image quality at any scale.


These files are for offset, spot color printing.


These files are for use in full color process printing (4 color printing).


These files are used for black and white printing.


These files are used for black and white printing when tones are permitted.


These files are used for black and white or color printing.

Your Logo Colors

  Color Pantone CMYK HEX RGB
  Grass PMS 376 C 53 / 0 / 96 / 0 #7AB800 122 / 184 / 0
  Sky Blue PMS 2925 C 84 / 21 / 0 / 0 #0098DB 0 / 152 / 2149
  Turquoise PMS 569 C 83 / 19 / 74 / 4 #179268 23 / 146 / 104
  Berry PMS 228 C 15 / 100 / 11 / 4 1 #830052 131 / 0 / 81
  Pumpkin PMS 1595 C 0 / 72 / 100 / 03 #D55C19 213 / 92 / 25

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