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The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
Strengthening Credibility
Your Personal Guide to Enhanced Credibility
What better way to experience The Leadership Challenge® than at one of The Leadership Challenge® Workshops? Experience it for yourself. Or, bring your team where you’ll work together to inspire each other to be your best and join the thousands who have transformed their lives to become truly extraordinary leaders.

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Take the LPI Online
LPI OnlineReady when you are, the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI) Online is a convenient and efficient evidence-based assessment tool for identifying where you are in your leadership journey—as measured against The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®—and using the diagnostics to identify which of our tools will help you develop the leadership skills you need to achieve your best.

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A Leader's Legacy
What is a Leader?
Building a rich and lasting legacy is the dream of every leader—whether a multi-national CEO, small business owner, cross-functional team lead, or an individual contributor wanting to make a more significant difference. When you liberate the leader within, you can make extraordinary things happen…for yourself, those who follow, and the world. Here you’ll find a wealth of resources that will help you discover where you want your leadership journey to take you and the tools for developing the skills you need to reach your destination. From books and assessments, workshops and conferences, the latest App and online tools, we invite you to join the millions of ordinary people who have used The Leadership Challenge® to achieve the extraordinary.
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