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Interested in gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®? Attend The Leadership Challenge Workshop®.

There is a fundamental truth about leadership that lies at the very heart of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and sets this program apart from all others. That truth is: leadership is everyone’s business. It’s not a place or position. It’s not a rank or title. And most importantly, it is not available only to an elite few.

From the front lines to executive suites, leadership is a set of skills and abilities that can be learned by anyone with the desire and dedication to fully develop their leadership potential, to achieve their personal leadership best, and to facilitate the development of others as leaders. This program’s focus is solely on leaders—whether seasoned or new to the role—and their relationships with others.

In fact, “Leadership development is self-development” is the first of several principles that shape the design and delivery of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop. It informs the assessment tools, learning resources, and activities that are part of the program, which are all designed to help you discover what you can do to improve.  Essential concepts that form the core principles of the program include:

  • Leadership is everyone’s business
  • Leadership is a relationship
  • The best leaders are the best learners
  • It takes practice –deliberate practice—to become a better leader
  • Leadership is an aspiration and a choice
  • Leaders make a difference

From academia to government, healthcare to technology, faith-based to community advocacy organizations, The Leadership Challenge® Workshop has proven to be a catalyst for change. This immensely practical and hands-on experience is designed to inspire, engage, and help you develop the leadership skills needed to meet whatever leadership challenges lay ahead. The core curriculum is structured around seven components, including five independent modules that focus specifically on each of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®.  Each module describes the practice, reviews the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) items related to that practice, and ends with techniques that ask you to reflect on how to apply what you have learned to a current leadership challenge of your own. With a plan of action in-hand for taking the key learnings from the workshop back to the workplace, you’ll be prepared to implement these new leadership practices back on the job, beginning Day 1.   

The comprehensive suite of assessment products and development tools, group activities and individual exercises used in The Leadership Challenge® Workshop are all designed to help aspiring and accomplished leaders alike achieve their personal best and improve their effectiveness in a leadership role. Upon completing the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify and communicate your fundamental values and beliefs
  • Set the example for others by aligning your actions with shared values
  • Express your image of the future
  • Inspire others to share a common vision
  • Search for opportunities to change and improve
  • Experiment with innovative ideas and learn from accompanying mistakes
  • Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust
  • Strengthen the ability of others to excel
  • Recognize the accomplishments of others
  • Apply the lessons learned in the workshop to a current organizational challenge

Public Workshops for Leaders

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