Bringing The Five Practices to Life

No matter where leaders are along their leadership development journey, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessment and facilitator materials have been essential tools used around the world to help anyone with a desire to make a difference unleash their leadership potential.  And now the just-released 4th edition of the LPI workbook, planner, facilitator guide, and reports have even more to help support your work as a coach, consultant, human resource professional, or facilitator—whether you’re working one-to-one or one-to-many.


The same evidence-based leadership development tools that have stood the test of time, refreshed with updated designs and dozens of extra features. 


  • A shorter LPI workbook that focuses on group or individual debriefs of the LPI results.
  • An even more concise Development Planner that helps leaders translate their feedback into positive actions related to each of the 30 behaviors
  • The LPI Facilitator’s Guide has been updated to address such dynamic new topics as virtual debriefs and one-to-one coaching with feedback reports. It also includes suggestions on how to make the business case for using the LPI in organizations in an all-new Senior Executive Briefing. And uniquely valuable, whether you are new to the LPI or an experienced veteran, personal advice on how to use the materials in specific situations from the people who know best—expert facilitators, trainers, and consultants who have been using these materials for years.

Here’s what you’ll find:

 LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory Workbook, 4th Edition provides a variety of hands-on exercises and worksheets to help aspiring leaders make the most of their LPI Feedback Reports, appreciate how others see their leadership behavior, and understand how to use that information to become the most effective leader possible.

LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory Development Planner, 4th Edition includes over 100 developmental activities to engage participants in becoming a better leader, reviews The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, and describes the best practices of learning to lead.

 LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory Facilitator's Guide Set, 4th Edition includes:LPI Self and Observer assessments (paper) and the new 4th edition LPI Workbook and LPI Leadership Development Planner. An accompanying flash drive includes PowerPoint slides and scoring software that can save data across multiple administrations, and forms. Also included: The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Article, and the new LPI Poster and Reminder Card.  

 This newly revised LPI Facilitator’s Guide Set offers a senior executive briefing which allows you to easily explain the benefits of the LPI, eight actual cases that clearly show how to apply the tested Five Practices model. It also includes a completely new section filled with strategies and tools for using the LPI in a coaching session, and ideas on blending the LPI with other popular leadership models.


LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory Deluxe Facilitator's Guide Set , 4th Edition includes all content available in the LPI Facilitator’s Guide Set plus one copy of the book, The Leadership Challenge, Fifth Edition.


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