Leadership by the Numbers November 2017

Leadership by the Numbers

Doug Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup Company, has long been held in high esteem for the remarkable turnaround he led at this iconic American company. When he came on board in 2001, he found staff frustrated and worn thin by years of failing market strategies and losses to the competition. As he writes in his LinkedIn blog, A Leader’s Pledge, he knew that in order to create meaningful change, an environment that would be capable of achieving the extraordinary, he would have to find powerful ways to earn the trust of everyone in the organization. His 10-point Leadership Pledge is a masterful example of a clear leadership philosophy that was key to the company's turnaround.

LPI® research data underscores the importance of what made Doug’s achievements at Campbell possible. For example, responses to the LPI question of how strongly direct reports agree or disagree that “overall, my supervisor is an effective leader” provide undeniable proof that being clear about who you are and what you stand for is essential: constituents whose leaders are clear about their leadership philosophy are 40% more committed than those whose leaders are not clear.

In addition, direct reports whose leaders ranked among the top 20 percent on clarity of their leadership philosophy also have more favorable feelings about other aspects of their workplace:
35% are more trusting of management
30% feel a stronger sense of team spirit
26% are clearer about what is expected of them
22% have a stronger feeling that they are making a difference

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