Paustian Abstract December 09

Boxing Smarter, Engaging the Box Office

Ashley Paustian

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TITLE: Boxing Smarter, Engaging the Box Office
RESEARCHER: Ashley Paustian
Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Department
Columbia College, Chicago
Unpublished master’s thesis: December 2009

The objective of the research was to study the correlation between transformational leadership, motivation and employee engagement in the arts organizations.

Request for participation in the study was sent out to a random sample of 100 of the 200 performing art centers across the United States, and 18 Box Office/Ticket Office managers agreed to participate. Respondents completed the Leadership Practices Inventory, and we asked to give out the LPI-Observer and Employee Engagement Survey (Douglas) to as many as three of their staff members.

The most frequently engaged in leadership practice was Enable, followed by Model and Encourage, then Challenge, and then Inspire for Box Office managers. The frequency rating was the same from the perspective of observers.

Correlations were found between the five leadership practices and employee engagement scores, but they were not statistically significant. Ninety percent of the employees in this study reported being highly or very engaged.



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