Webinar: Experience the New LPI

Webinar: Experience the New LPI

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Create the moments of insight that inspire change in your organization.  

Leadership is all about enabling others to achieve their personal best—and to apply that achievement to reaching shared goals. Provide your leaders with the assessment that not only measures and assesses your leaders’ skills, but that inspires the breakthrough insights a leader needs to build positive relationships and make extraordinary things happen.

Discover a new generation of leadership development tools and facilitation resources from the world’s most trusted leadership assessment (LPI) via this recorded one-hour event.

Please view to learn about:

  • Improved design and added features for all LPI reports
  • New Facilitator Resources including Senior Executive Briefing, Use Cases, and more
  • Concise Workbook for report debrief
  • Behavior-based Development Planner
  • LPI Online platform updates

…and more


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