Leadership by the Numbers December 2017

Leadership by the Numbers

Long-time reporter and columnist Adam Bryant had been interviewing CEOs for years, covering everything from growth plans to moving their businesses to the cloud, but about a decade ago he realized that what he really wanted to know was how they led. So, he decided to do just that and started writing his Corner Office column in the New York Times, sharing the valuable lessons he learned about management, leadership, and human behavior. On October 27 of this year, he wrote his very last column for the newspaper, How to Be a C.E.O., From a Decade’s Worth of Them that focused on some of the standout themes from the 525 interview he’s conducted. In that piece he wrote, “If you were to force me to rank the most important qualities of effective leadership, I would put trustworthiness at the top.”

Adam will certainly get affirmation from the latest LPI® data as Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner report on in The Leadership Challenge, sixth edition. Ongoing research continually finds that there is a consistent and dramatic relationship between the extent to which people trust their organization’s management and the frequency they find their leaders following through on promises and commitments. In fact, there is a six-fold increase in levels of trust between the bottom and top of the range in the frequency to which people report their leaders DWTSTWD (do what they say they will do).

Learn more in the 6th edition of The Leadership Challenge


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