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A Study of Pastors, Their Leadership and the Results of Their Churches

Cory D. Hines

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TITLE: A Study of Pastors, Their Leadership and the Results of Their Churches
School of Leadership
Dallas Baptist University
Unpublished doctoral dissertation: February 2012

The purpose of this research was to investigate any differences in leadership on the effectiveness among pastors who have earned a ministry related graduate degree from an accredited theological institution, and those who have not earned a degree.

The sample for this study was made up of lead pastors who have served at least three calendar years as lead pastors of their current church and serving in one of the following associations: Collin Baptist Association, Dallas Baptist Association, Denton Baptist Association, Ellis Baptist Association, Southwest Metroplex Association or Tarrant Baptist Association. These associations represent the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The final sample included 150 pastors who had earned an accredited graduate degree and 72 who had not.

No statistically significant difference were found between the leadership behaviors and church results of pastors that earned a ministry degree from an accredited theological school and pastors that have not earned a ministry degree. The most frequently engaged in leadership practice from the former group were Enable, Model, Encourage, Inspire and Challenge; and the same rank order was found for the latter group. No differences were reported between the two groups in terms of numerical results (i.e., percentage change in church membership, percentage change in church receipts, and percentage change in church baptisms during the tenure of the pastor).



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