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A Study of the Relationship Between Leadership Practices and Level of Emotional Intelligence Among First-Line and Mid-Level Nurse Leaders
Georgia W. Barkers

Charge Nurse Leadership: Face-to-Face Training Versus Blended Training
Jacqueline M. Bateman

Gender, Professional Experiences, and Personal Characteristics of Academic Radiation Oncology Chairs: Data to Inform the Pipeline for the 21st Century
Whitney H. Beeler, Kent A. Griffith, Rochelle D. Jones, Christina H. Chapman, Emma B. Holliday, Manisa Lalani, Emily Wilson, James A. Bonner, Silvia Chiara Formenti, Stephen M. Hahn, Shalom Kalnicki, Fei-Fei Liu, Benjamin Movsas, Charles R. Thomas, Jr, and Reshma Jagst

Transformational Leadership Practices of Chief Nursing Officers in Magnet Organizations
Joanne T. Clavelle, Karen Drenkard, Susan Tullai-McGuiness, and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

Summary Evaluation Report for Phase 2 of the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) Clinical Leadership Programme
Geraldine Cunningham, Shirley Large, Alison Kitson, Elizabeth Allen, Sara Lister and Sue Nash

Developing Staff Nurse Shared Leadership Behavior in Professional Nursing Practice
Vicki Geore, Laura J. Burke, Beth Rodgers, Nancy Duthie, Mary Lou Hoffmann, Vicki Koceja, Alice Kramer, Joan Maro, Pam Minzlaff, Sandi Pelcznski, Mary Schmidt, Bev Westen, Jomarie Zielke, Genee Brukwitzki, and Linda L. Gehring

Longitudinal Charge Nurse Leadership Development and Evaluation
Mary Krugman, Laura Heggem, Lisa Judd Kinney, & Margaret Frueh

A Multiple-Case Study Evaluation of the RCN Clinical Leadership Programme in England
Shirley Large, Annie Macleod, Geraldine Cunningham, & Alison Kitson

Impact of Leadership Development on Emotional Health in Healthcare Managers
How Lee, Judith A. Spiers, Ozden Yurtseven, Greta G. Cummings, Janice Sharlow, Aslam Bhatti, & Paula Germann

Evaluation of a clinical leadership programme for nurse leaders
Jacqueline Martin, Brendan McCormack, Donna Fitzsimmons, and Rebecca Spirig

Evaluation of a Leadership Development Intervention
Ann E. Tourangeau, Manon Lemonde, Marcia Luba, Diane Dakers, and Chris Alksnis

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