Engagement & Risk

Engagement & Risk

Andy Meyer, Ph.D.

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Objective: Use this activity to immediately challenge participants to fully engage in upcoming activities.

  1. Model the Way by eliciting engagement and taking risk
  2. Challenge the Process by directly addressing active engagement, which is often atypical
  3. Enable Others to Act by inviting participants to take personal responsibility for engagement and risk taking

Audience: Essentially any group preparing to participate in important training, development, planning, or other group activity Time Required: 15-30 minutes Materials Needed/Setup:


  1. Present the four engagement questions and ask participants to rate their level of engagement, risk and investment
  2. Once individual risk has been established, instruct all participants to briefly discuss their responses with the individuals seated next to them
  3. Conduct a full group out-brief following this small group discussion

Facilitator Tips: It is important to challenge participants to be candid with themselves and each other in developing their ratings. Also, insert a bit of tension-reducing humor, etc. to help facilitate the process.

Variations: Lengthen or shorten the discussion, depending on the depth and complexity of the tasks that will follow this exercise.

*The Four Engagement Questions

  1. How valuable an experience do you plan to have in this session or this effort — not what kind of experience you want, but what kind you plan to have?
  2. How engaged and active do you plan to be?
  3. How much risk are you willing to take?
  4. How invested are you in the quality of the experience of those around you? What is your level of concern about the well-being of the larger group?

**Associated Rating Scale The questions confront people with the nature of their participation in the meeting we are about to have. Embedded in the questions is the belief that the participants will create the experience they are about to have. Have them rate each question on a 7-point scale, where 1 is very low and 7 is very high.

Andy Meyer, Ph.D. is the Director of the Business Solutions Group at Innovative Productivity, Inc. in Louisville, KY. He provides extensive coaching support for implementation of The Leadership Challenge with both the U.S. Navy and commercial client companies. Andy may be contacted at ameyer@mttc.org.


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