Debriefing The Leadership Challenge Videos

Debriefing The Leadership Challenge Videos

Lu Pennal

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Objective: Facilitate participant discussion and maximize learning from video tools shown during The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.

Audience: All workshop participants

Time Required: Varies with length of each video and how far-reaching the facilitator would like to take the discussion

Materials Needed/Setup: Any of The Leadership Challenge videos; flip chart and markers; The Leadership Challenge® Workshop workbook


  1. Prior to viewing the video, ask participants to create three columns on the space in their workbook. Demonstrate on the flip chart while instructing participants to label each column (in order from left to right) with the words: Values, Behaviors, Results. Explain that they are being asked to record their observations of the leader in the video who will be depicting a particular leadership practice-in each of these three areas.
  2. Ask participants to collectively (or in table groups) identify the values they picked up from the leader featured in the video. Make a list of the values on the flipchart.
  3. Follow the same process with behaviors and results.
  4. Assist participants in connecting the notion that values are visible in all leaders and the relevance of alignment of personal values with shared values. Also discuss how values drive decisions, behaviors and results. And reinforce the idea that values are the foundation to leading with the Five Practices.

Facilitator Tips: Use your own style and variations according to workshop logistics and audience learning needs

Variations: Add a fourth column to the left of Values titled, "Challenges". Ask participants to record what challenges the leader "inherited" or had to address as they lead.

Ms. Pennal is an associate at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana where she assists with the non-clinical organizational training. As an Education Consultant, Ms. Pennal designs, implements and evaluates leadership development training, develops customer service training and assists with communication classes. She can be contacted via e-mail:


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