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The Ramifications of Mentoring for Vocational Ministers

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TITLE: The Ramifications of Mentoring for Vocational Ministers
RESEARCHER: Steven Crowther
Regent University
Unpublished master’s thesis: May 2012

The purpose of the study was to conduct research on the effects of mentoring on career satisfaction, position, and leadership level for vocational ministers

Surveys were sent to vocational ministers of Grace Churches International and similar networks of churches, and 71 responded (47% response rate). Respondents completed the Leadership Practices Inventory, the Career Satisfaction Survey (Greenhaus, Parasuraman, & Wormly, 1990), and a Mentoring Survey (Noe, 1999). The typical respondent was 45 years old, male (76%), with a college (38%) or master’s degree (28%), associate pastor title (47%), and an average of 15.3 years of experience.

Vocational ministers who had received mentoring reported significantly higher frequencies of leadership behaviors than those without mentoring. Type of mentoring (informal or formal) did not moderate these relationships. The author reports that “mentoring is a useful tool for leadership development having an impact on the positions held and leadership levels achieved by those who are mentored” (p. 32).



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