Barut Abstract Spring 09

The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Improving Diversity in Educational Institutions

Ugur Barut

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TITLE: The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Improving Diversity in Educational Institutions
Graduate School of Education
Tennessee State University
Unpublished doctoral dissertation: Spring 2009

This study investigated whether a significant relationship between academic deans’ transformational leadership practices and their perception of the organizational diversity strategies of their college and/or university.

The population of the study consisted of all 155 members (current at time of research) of The Council of Academic Deans from the Research Education Institutions, who were asked to complete the Leadership Practices Inventory, the Diversity Orientation Scale (Buttner, Lowe and Harris, 2006), and provide demographic data. The useable sample of 69 respondents was a 44 percent response rate. The typical respondent was 41 years of age or older (97%), male (47%), Caucasian (73%), and held a specialist degree and doctorate (97%). The overall internal reliability of the LPI in this study was 0.93.

Enabling was the leadership practice reported as being most frequently engaged in, followed by Encouraging, and then Model and Challenge, and Inspire. Statistically significant correlations were found between the dean’s diversity orientation and all five leadership practices; indicating that as their use of each practice increased so did the priority that they placed upon diversity. No significant differences were found in the use of any of the five leadership practices based upon the age of respondents, their gender or ethnicity. Those with doctorates reported engaging significantly more in each leadership practice than did their counterparts with master’s degrees plus 30 hours.



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