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Ask An Expert April 2014

Q:  Can I incorporate the LPI® into my performance appraisal system?

A: Many people sometimes find it hard to differentiate between performance appraisal tools and developmental assessments.  But in the case of the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI), this 30-item developmental assessment instrument—and all of the accompanying materials that support its use—is specifically designed to be used for developmental feedback.

As one of the best leadership behavioral assessments I’ve found to help support my clients in developing their leadership effectiveness, the LPI was never intended to support the performance appraisal process. Instead, it was created so that leaders could benefit from the experience of reflection, introspection, being coached, and learning through experimentation.

An essential consideration when thinking about the LPI is to remember that it measures the frequency of observed leadership behavior—not competencies or performance or a leader’s contribution. And through powerful feedback, it provides insight into the actions aspiring leaders can take to improve their effectiveness. The feedback from the LPI serves to support an individual’s development as a leader.

I feel strongly that it is our collective responsibility, as practitioners and consultants, to ensure that our clients understand and appropriately employ the LPI as it was designed—as a tool for growth.


Bruce Leamon, President of Leamon Group, Inc., is a Master Certified Coach and a Certified Master-in-Training of The Leadership Challenge. An experienced educator and front-line executive in a Fortune 100 technology firm for 20+ years, he coaches and consults with CEOs and leadership teams across the U.S. and around the globe—from China and India to South America—to facilitate complex corporate alliances, transform teams, and develop both individuals and organizations with measurable results. He can be reached at


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