Abstract Yolandi-Eloïse Janse van Rensburg Engagement in Call Centres: Exploring Eliciting Factors

Engagement in Call Centres: Exploring Eliciting Factors

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TITLE Engagement in Call Centres: Exploring Eliciting Factors
RESEARCHER Yolandi-Eloise Janse van Rensburg
Department of Industrial Psychology
University of Stellenbosch (South Africa)
Unpublished master's thesis: December 2010

The purpose of this study was to gauge the level of employee engagement amongst a sample of CCRs in South Africa and to track the paths through which salient antecedents affect this engagement.

Call centres located across South Africa were approached to participate in this study. Of the 14 call centres that were approached, seven consented (three in Cape Town, three in Pretoria and one in Johannesburg). Respondents (N = 215) completed the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (Schaufeli & Bakker, 2003), the Team Diagnostic Survey (Wageman, Hackman & Lehman, 2005), the Orientation to Life Questionnaire (Antonovsky, 1987), and the Leadership Practices Inventory. Internal reliability coefficients for the LPI in this study were .93 Model, .94 Inspire, .92 Challenge, .89 Enable, and .93 Encourage. Confirmatory factor analysis was done each leadership practice scale with LISREL 8.0. The author reported that “an investigation of the RMSEA of the subscales showed that they were acceptable (p. 82)…for the p-value for close fit, a “good fit was indicated” (p. 83), and for both the goodness of fit index (GFI) and adjusted goodness of fit index, all scales “represented a good fit” (p. 83). A “leadership effectiveness” scale was created as the sum of responses to the five leadership practice subscales.

Leadership effectiveness was not found to have a significant positive influence on work engagement in call centres, although it did have a significant positive influence on the effectiveness of teams.


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