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Cornerstones of the Excellence in Leadership Program and Their Effectiveness

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TITLE Cornerstones of the Excellence in Leadership Program and Their Effectiveness
RESEARCHER Krista Heidi Jensen
Graduate School of Education
Grand Valley State University (Michigan)
Masters Thesis: Winter 1998

To determine personal growth and development of leadership skills of the participants at the highest Excellence in Leadership Program level.

The 57 students enrolled (Spring 1998) in the Excellence in Leadership Program at Grand Valley State University were asked to complete the LPI. Eighty percent agreed to participate (N=45). Most respondents were female (75%). Twenty freshmen participated, 17 sophomores, 5 juniors and 3 seniors. The focus was on the six questions connected with the leadership practice Modeling the Way as the dependent variable.

The Excellence in Leadership Program is expected to show an increase in students' motivation, balance and confidence through their four years. “The research has clearly displayed an increase in all of the six questions taken from the Leadership Practices Inventory on ‘modeling the way.' Balance, motivation, and confidence do indeed increase as students advance through the sequential Excellence in Leadership Program” (pp. 26-27).


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