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Journeys begin with the LPI
Anyone can learn to be an effective leader, with the right feedback and tools. And with our 360-degree Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessments—online or paper-and-pencil—you’ll have what you need to guide others as they discover their leadership potential and create an action plan for reaching their personal best.

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Interested in bringing The Leadership Challenge to your organization? Attend a Public Workshop. It’s a great place to start. Held around the world and facilitated by Certified Masters of the program, you’ll get a dynamic hands-on experience that will bring the philosophy, principles, and lessons of The Leadership Challenge fully to life.

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A Leader's Legacy
What is a Leadership Development Professional?
The key to imparting leadership skills rests with leadership development professionals like you. You empower others to make extraordinary things happen while building positive relationships. We’re here to help you succeed. Whether you’re an executive or leadership coach, consultant, HR professional, or facilitator, you’ll find a wide array of products within The Leadership Challenge family—books, assessments, workshops, events, and e-learning resources — that offer a clear path to leadership training and coaching, based on decades of scientific evidence and the experience of millions of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

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