Measuring Results of the LPI

Measuring Results of the LPI

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Q: Our CEO is pushing us to provide some objective data showing that the LPI is having an impact on the organization and producing more than just anecdotal success stories among individuals who have taken the LPI. How can our company be assured that the LPI is affecting leadership behaviors within the organization and, as a result, our corporate culture?

A: First of all, anecdotal success stories give voice to real people, with real passion and enthusiasm for The Five Practices®. Enthusiastic reception of the LPI by those taking the assessment is an endorsement that has merit in itself. In addition, the transformation that occurs in how individuals work frequently carries over into their personal lives?a result often reported by those who embrace the principles of The Leadership Challenge.

However, the LPI, which is backed by over 30 years of original research, also lends itself easily to the challenge from your CEO: to provide objective data that demonstrates the change occurring in your organization's culture.

In order to document the changes that the LPI produces in leadership behaviors of individuals as well as across the organization, there are several requirements:

  • The use of the LPI tools must be accompanied by training, coaching, or debriefing to help ensure that the insight revealed in the LPI report is effectively assimilated by the leader and applied day-to-day back on the job. The organization must have a plan both for effectively presenting the LPI and for maintaining a continued focus on The Five Practices®.
  • Creating culture change requires ongoing reinforcement of how The Five Practices® reflect and affirm the stated values of the organization, with accompanying language to guide everyone's leadership behaviors.
  • Clear results can be evidenced most effectively when a re-test of the LPI is given approximately 9-12 months after the first administration.
  • The individual LPI comparison report, called The Five Practices® Comparative Data Report, will indicate changes that have taken place in one leader's practices and leadership behaviors over time. This report is available via LPI Online or as part of the LPI Scoring software.
  • Custom Group LPI Comparison reports—e.g., Group Percentile Ranking Graph, Group Leadership Behaviors Ranking Analysis, and The Five Practices® Group Comparative Data reports—are additional reporting tools that can objectively and quantifiably demonstrate the impact of changes in the leadership behaviors of individuals, in the organization as a whole, or in the leadership behaviors of individual teams within an organization. Many companies have used Custom Group LPI reports quite effectively to document marked change in leadership behaviors.

Bottom line, your CEO's request is not unreasonable. In fact, it represents a challenge that your leadership development team can welcome?especially when they know there is a plan in place for implementing the LPI with vision and commitment to long-term organizational change.

Fine Points Professionals is The Leadership Challenge® Authorized Service Center, experts in workshop and assessment administration, and a Platinum Sponsor of last month's Forum 2009 in Chicago. Samples of the Custom Group LPI Reports mentioned in this article are provided by Fine Points Professionals and can be found at For additional information or questions about these reports, please contact or 513.793.9144.



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