Giving Back to Support the Health and Welfare of Central Florida's Children

Giving Back to Support the Health and Welfare of Central Florida's Children

Notes from the Field - Masters Give Back

“When we are great leaders our students are the winners!”
              –education professional and The Leadership Challenge® Workshop attendee

For Diversity Leadership Consultants, 2017 began in the spirit of giving back as we welcomed 19 public school system leaders to The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, offered as part of the Wiley-sponsored Masters Give Back Program. In partnership with Amy Ellis, Assistant Director for the Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation, Certified Facilitator Allan Lyme and I delivered a workshop experience to a group of dedicated education professionals, school principals, and directors of the Children’s Home Society of Florida. Traveling from around Central Florida to Orlando, these aspiring leaders came together to spend two intensive days learning about The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. All left with commitment goals and follow up commitment partners to make sure they each continued to hone their leadership Practices and behaviors to become even more effective future leaders.

Attendees saw real change happen almost immediately as a result of their experience. Among the many thank you notes we received, one participant expressed it best: “Thank you so much for investing in us! I learned so much in two short days. I have put The Five Practices into my behavior and I already notice a big difference. Thanks for giving your time to a great cause. When we are great leaders our students are the winners!”

The positive impact of the workshop also has extended beyond the 19 participants; it was so well-received that within the same month Amy Ellis attended our program to become a Trained Facilitator so that she could sustain The Leadership Challenge within her entire organization.

At Diversity Leadership Consultants, we have a long-standing commitment to contributing positively to the health and well-being of our community. And this year, we were especially pleased to engage with leaders from the Children’s Home Society, a partnership of corporate sponsors, community leaders, and school administrative staff dedicated to creating a more successful environment in underserved areas to better prepare young adults to graduate from high school and prepare for college and secondary education. Together with the Center for Community Schools and Welfare Innovation, this innovative organization works with local high schools to create Community Schools as it focuses on fulfilling its mission: “to break the generational cycle of child abuse in more families, to protect children from harm, to heal children who have been hurt, to create strong, stable families, to help children grow up safe, healthy and prepared for life.”

I always have believed that the Masters Give Back program is great way to show appreciation to those who serve the community. And that belief is reinforced more every time I am honored to donate one of these Leadership Challenge workshops.

Stephen Hoel is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge and president of Diversity Leadership Consultants, a leadership development organization focusing on improving the effectiveness of leadership and team skills. Experienced in both operations management and human resources with Walt Disney World Resort, Hilton, Marriott and other independent hotel and restaurant organizations, he has designed and delivered leadership and team interventions and multicultural leadership development initiatives. He can be reached at



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