Challenge the Process Action Planning

Challenge the Process Action Planning

L.J. Rose

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If you're working with a large or small group of participants and want to make the design of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop more application-oriented, this activity might be of interest. The exercise is designed for intact teams, cross-functional teams, and public sessions where people represent various organizations. The goal of the activity is to create coaching partnerships that are practical and provocative. Participants focus on their real work issues and specific ways they will Challenge the Process. The steps in the activity integrate the essentials of the practice and move participants from concept to action planning. The activity goes like this:

GOOD SPOT - After the Innovation Quiz and discussion on Outsight (The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Facilitators Guide, Third Edition Revised page 151 in the 3-day script and page 304 in the 2-day script), segue into applying concepts to participants real world. Steps 1-4 take about an hour, including setup and debrief. Let participants know you will be helping them with timing.

STEP ONE - Give folks 8 minutes solo time to determine their challenge AND their idea on how to address their challenge. There are blank pages at the end of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop Participants Workbook, Third Edition Revised where people can jot down ideas.

STEP TWO - Layout the Coaching Partnership Process (flip chart the instructions below ahead of time or put on a PowerPoint® slide). Note to facilitator: suggest that within each pair one person go through the whole process. Then, switch to the other person and start the process again. It's fine if they choose to innovate!

Create Coaching Partnerships

2 minutes: What's your challenge AND idea? (Don't bog down in the problem.)

2 minutes: What assumptions are you making?

5 minutes: How will you build your business case to strengthen your idea and get buy-in from stakeholders?

3 minutes: Specifically, what next steps will you take over the next 60 days to get this idea in motion?


STEP THREE - Move the Coaching Partnerships to the next level:

Briefly, walk people through "Defying the Critics" on page 90 of the Participants Workbook.

5 minutes PER PERSON: Coaching partner takes on the role of the critic when it comes to the specific idea his/her partner has described. The other person has to experiment with "defying the critic."

STEP FOUR - Revisit Action Plans:

Briefly, walk people through "small win" ideas on page 93 of the Participants Workbook.

5 minutes AS PARTNERS: Revisit their Action Plans to incorporate some small win ideas listed on page 93.

Contributed by L.J. Rose



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