The Leadership Challenge Facilitator Training Opportunities

Ready to take The Leadership Challenge Experience to the Next Level?

Becoming a Trained Facilitator or a Certified Facilitator are the first two steps to building your skills and expertise in delivering The Leadership Challenge® Workshop. If you are interested in achieving the highest level of proficiency in all aspects of The Leadership Challenge, we invite you to find out more about becoming part of our Certified Masters community.
Become a Trained Facilitator and bring The Leadership Challenge® Workshop to your organization’s emerging leaders. Or add these valuable skills and the Qualified Trainer of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop designation to your independent consulting practice. Experiencing The Leadership Challenge® Workshop for yourself is the very first step. Then follow-up with two jam-packed days at an authorized Facilitator Training Workshop, hosted by one our Global Training Partners, where you’ll get an in-depth look at the workshop, its design, experiential activities, research foundation, and hands-on practice facilitating on your own.

Become a Certified Facilitator
to fine-tune your skills in delivering The Leadership Challenge® Workshop. As a qualified applicant accepted into this Level II program, you’ll work with a Certified Master to gain a deeper understanding and integration of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, build increased competence as an engaging program facilitator, and develop enhanced coaching skills in working with leaders to analyze, interpret, and make the most of their Leadership Practices Inventory feedback.

Become a Certified Master and achieve the highest level of expertise in understanding, integrating, and applying all aspects of The Leadership Challenge® model, including mastery in the delivery of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and Leadership Practices Inventory coaching competence. Much like other designations of mastery, such as a Ph.D., the Certified Master status is granted to those who, over time, also demonstrate mastery in a wide range of organization development experiences and a deep commitment to collaboration that leads to ongoing support of The Leadership Challenge community.

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