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Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Action Cards, Revised Edition

James M. Kouzes||Barry Z. Posner
June 2017 Pfeiffer
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Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) Action Cards, Revised Edition

These cards were created by two Master Facilitators of The Leadership Challenge Workshop and based on the LPI behaviors. The cards, used in conjunction with the Facilitator's Guide (sold separately), are designed to reinforce the specific actions of the 30 LPI behaviors. In one activity, participants are given the opportunity to apply the LPI Behaviors to a real-life, unresolved challenging business situation. Working in small groups, the participants each write down their own challenge and take turns suggesting how the problem can be solved using various LPI Actions. The cards are the participants’ to keep--in the future, they can use the deck as an application tool on their own or with their team for other business issues. The facilitator will need to provide each participant with their own deck of the LPI Action Cards.

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