A Leader's Legacy Audio CD Set (Set of 4 CD's)

A Leader's Legacy Audio CD Set (Set of 4 CD's)

James M. Kouzes||Barry Z. Posner
2006-10-18||October 2006 Pfeiffer
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In what is their most personal work to date, Kouzes and Posner zero in on the core challenges leaders face and offer up a thoughtful and reassuring perspective any leader, or aspiring leader, will learn from and enjoy. Over a span of nearly four hours of audio, they explore the thorny and often ambiguous issues of today's leaders through a series of 22 short essays, grouped into four parts (significance, relationships, aspirations, and courage.) The topics discussed include:

  • Commitment: people don't commit to plans, they commit to causes.
  • Vision: it's not the leader's vision, it's the shared vision.
  • Solutions: there is no silver bullet.
  • Leadership: being a leader changes who you are.
  • Legacy: the legacy you leave is the life you lead.

Length: 3 hours, 53 minutes
Publisher: Gildan Media Corp, 2006