The Truth About Leadership

The Truth about Leadership

What do you call something that has endured for nearly 30 years?  The truth!

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“What makes this book so very useable is that the truths stem from the stories of thousands of leaders that Kouzes and Posner have interviewed over decades of research.”
 Jack Covert, Inc. Magazine
"This book cuts through the clutter and reminds us of what really matters. The introduction alone is worth the price of the book."
—Patrick Lencioni, president, The Table Group
"This is a book every leader should put on his or her nightstand and read a chapter a night."
—Stephen Almassy, global vice chair, Ernst & Young Global Limited

Globalization, new technologies, and other advances in our world may have changed the context of leadership, but continuing study and research confirms that the content of leadership has remained virtually unchanged since Jim and Barry first set out to answer the question, “What do leaders do when they are at their personal best?”  In a work that celebrates their 30-year writing partnership and worldwide travels researching the topic of exemplary leadership, The Truth About Leadership explores the 10 time-tested leadership truths that have endured decades of practice and withstood the intense scrutiny of statistics.  Regardless of gender or culture, geography or industry, the first fundamental truth is that effective leaders make a difference. They establish credibility with constituents, focus on the future, and build and maintain trust.  Values drive commitment, they lead by example—or they don’t lead at all.

As leaders, it’s easy to get off track with the everyday challenges and distractions. And when changes occur that shake the very foundations of our organizations and societies, we all need to move beyond pessimism, trendy fads, and simplistic solutions. Turning to what's real and proven—The Truth About Leadership delivers. With lively anecdotes from the authors’ collection of personal best leadership stories, engaging examples of the experiences of generations of leaders from around the world illustrate what every leader must know to be effective, the questions you must be prepared to answer, and the real-world issues you will likely face in the ever-changing times ahead. See some discussions questions here.


Chapter 1: You Make a Difference (Free Download)
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