Credibility, 2nd Edition

Credibility, 2nd Edition

Read more on the Studies on the Impact of Credibility and What Constitutes Credible Behavior.

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"Credibility should be on the must-read list for all leaders and potential leaders, and should be a required text for all business majors... It is a fantastic read for all of us who aspire to be the leader that others want to follow."
—Ann Rhoades, author, Built on Values; president and founder, People Ink
"Credibility is the most timely and important issue of our age. And with this book. . . Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner have thrown us a Hail Mary pass that can help to restore confidence and trust in our institutions."
—Warren Bennis, author, Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in Leadership
"Nothing is more important to a leader than credibility. Jim and Barry do a wonderful job of showing us all why it matters, how to earn it, and how to keep it! Another amazing contribution from the world's authorities on leadership!"
—Marshall Goldsmith, author, MOJO

As the world falls deeper into economic downturns and warfare, the question of credibility—how leaders gain and lose it—is more important than ever. Building on three decades of research that form the basis of The Leadership Challenge, this thoroughly revised and updated edition of Credibility makes immediate and current the question of why character matters and demonstrates the actions leaders must take to earn and restore the trust and confidence of constituents in order to effectively lead. You’ll discover why leadership is above all a relationship, with credibility as the cornerstone, and why leaders must "Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say." This first full revision since the book’s initial publication in 1993 features fully updated data and research. And new case studies from around the world, featuring rich examples of real managers in action, help to reveal the six key disciplines that strengthen a leader's capacity for developing and sustaining credibility: Discover Yourself, Appreciate Constituents, Affirm Shared Values, Develop Capacity, Serve a Purpose, and Sustain Hope.

A personal, inspiring, and genuine guide to help you understand the fundamental importance of credibility for building personal and organizational success.


Chapter 1: Leadership Is a Relationship (Free Download)
Credibility: Chapter 1 - Leadership Is a Relationship (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 2 - Credibility Makes a Difference (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 3 - Discover Your Self (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 4 - Appreciate Constituents (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 5 - Affirm Shared Values (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 6 - Develop Capacity (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 7 - Serve a Purpose (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 8 - Sustain Hope (Video)
Credibility: Chapter 9 - The Struggle to Be Human (Video)
Strengthening Credibility
The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, 2nd Edition

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